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Or, if you’re more into anachronic narratives, you can just pick your chapters at random in the tables of contents here and here. (I’m kidding. Don’t do that. You won’t understand anything of the plot.)

I have a rhythm of roughly one chapter per week. I don’t guarantee the accuracy or regularity of that schedule – though I will do my best to keep to it – because I refuse to publish a chapter as long as I’m not satisfied with it. Which means that if I keep on writing shit, there won’t ever be any update.

Donations are very much appreciated and mean I’ll focus on writing instead of playing video games or watching movies or reading other people’s works.

Comments are also very much appreciated, both compliments and criticisms (try to make them constructive, though). So please, do tell me what you think I’m doing wrong, and do tell me what you think I’m doing right.

– Liv


  1. Yo, Your story is really good and your writing is better than most web novels i have read. You should post it on Royalroadl.com if you haven’t already as you can gain a ton more readers.

    Also while i like her being scarred after all she has been through, the one arm cliche in a fantasy world with all kinds of magic and alchemy is pissing me off even if she has an ice arm now.

    1. What one arm cliche? Never heard of that.
      And nowadays every novel is full of “cliches”, simply due to the mass of different works out there, also this world has some technological advancements already, like trains and guns. I for one love this stoty and I love a lot of other stories, too. And “cliches” like reincarnation or transmigration being “overused” doesn’t matter to me, the only important thing for me is if I think a novel is good or bad. If it’s bad, I don’t read it and if it’s good, I’ll continue reading and am thankful to the author for their work.

    2. I’m not sure about what “one arm cliche” you’re talking about, since this is only the second protagonist with a magic prosthesis that I’ve read so far, but I’m pretty sure it was explained that all the medicine in that world is either useless or poison to her, so none of that is gonna help.
      The scars are a different story, she just doesn’t have a reason to heal them, yet.
      Plus, she believes that the scars make her look vulnerable from a mortal’s perspective and (according to her own logic) vulnerable = less scary, or something like that…

  2. I love your story, and I find the human-yet-monstrous perspective of Akasha to be fascinating. One thing that’s bothered me, though, is that it’s very hard to get a mental picture of what exactly she’s supposed to look like. I don’t know about availability, etc., but would it be possible to get some sort of picture/drawing of her?

    1. Hmm, I’m shit at drawing things, but I can give you a rundown of her appearance as of Part 4. I’ll try to provide pictures (shamelessly stolen from the internet) to make it clearer.
      Everything follows the metric system (like in the story itself). If you speak in inches and feet, ask Google for a translation to your language. I’m too lazy to do it myself.

      Potential spoilers ahoy.

      – Name: Akasha (AK-A-13)
      – Species: ???
      – Sex: Female
      – Age: 291
      – Height: 129 cm (insists she’s at least 130)
      – Weight: 2,400 kg
      – BWH: 74/44/72

      – Very white skin, even whiter hair
      – White tail (fluffy, high-quality fur, beware of trappers)

      – White wolf ears on top of the head
      – Pointy ears on the side of the head (mostly hidden by her hair)
      – Straight black horn (like so (3rd column, 2nd row))
      – Fangs like these (except black)

      – Left eye like this (bottom) but with slit pupil
      – No right eye, but Sanae nests in the empty eye socket (in which case, the ‘eye’ is metallic black, with glowing red dots placed randomly)
      – Eyes shine brighter when she’s angry

      – Scars everywhere on her body (not the pretty kind)
      – Burn scars like these over the right side of her face

      – No left arm (creates and animates a replacement with ice magic, fingers often shaped like blades)
      – Right arm and both legs up to elbow/knees turning metallic black (gradually, like so)
      – Digits are long and skeletal with no nails (finger itself is pointy) (like this, but sharper and a bit shorter)

      – Blood is black
      – Entire skeleton is the same metallic black as her horn and natural limbs

      I may have forgotten some stuff, but there you go. Add all of this together, and that should give you an idea of what she looks like.
      That’s Akasha’s appearance at the current point in the story, though. In the past, she was a lot more human-looking.

      1. I would absolutely love artwork of what she did/does look like. Maybe even some fight scenes…. To Patreon!
        I remember a link to fanart someone posted way back when. It was supposed to be of her just after she received the Taint… Although they forgot she only had one arm. And no scars. Not sure if she had any yet.

        Wait… Maid outfit. Oh sweet lord do not let this serial become super popular. Do not let the internet corrupt Tainted Akasha.

      2. Those proportions! Dayum! No wonder Sif always looks so happy to see her, even though you’ve explained a few times already about her having unchild-like proportions, I still didn’t expect this. I wouldn’t say it’s disturbing, but it’s uh, a bit unusual.

      3. Geez, she’s teensy, and those proportions are like woah O.o, especially the bust to waist ratio. Literal supermodel material, except for being about a foot too short, lol.

      4. – White tail (fluffy, high-quality fur, beware of trappers)
        (..beware OF trappers)
        Hahaha, don’t you mean (beware trappers ), as I don’t think that Akasha needs to be wary.

    2. And here are Akasha’s stats at the start of the story and by Part 4!
      Don’t take this seriously, by the way. This is just for fun.

      Strength: 11 | Speed: 7 | Endurance: 3 | Vitality: 1 | Agility: 13
      Intelligence: 26 | Wisdom: 22 | Willpower: 19 | Magic: N/A
      Charisma: 13 | Luck: 8
      Sanity: 25 | Morality: 24
      Nerys! ♡: 78

      Strength: 858 | Speed: 931 | Endurance: 636 | Vitality: 989 | Agility: 904
      Intelligence: 75 | Wisdom: -22 | Willpower: 287 | Magic: 213
      Charisma: -144 | Luck: -274
      Sanity: -542 | Morality: N/A (morality, wuzzat?)
      Nerys! ♡: 999+

      1. Bahahaha.
        I think Charisma, Luck and Sanity might be a bit too high.
        Also, you’re not forgetting the Sanae buff/debuff. 😉

      2. Somethign is vry wrong with these stats.
        Are you crazy!
        Her fluffy tail alone gives her Charisma: Beware! Too much cuteness! Step with caution

      3. Lol, dat wisdom, though I feel like her intelligence is rather low, considering that she actually does have a rather good head on her shoulders, just that she isn’t fond of using it too much often…

          1. Is that, like, on an incestual level? No, it’s already virtually worship…
            Really makes me wonder how her reaction to Nerys will be when she wakes up. Wil she follow Sif’s example and kiss her? Or will she kneel before her like a follower before their god?

  3. I started reading this yesterday and stayed up to 6 am before going to sleep and finishing it today. I’m gonna write my thoughts so far and sorry but its gonna be a rambling mess. So the first thing I would like to say is that you did a great job in keeping this a good xianxia story this is like the second one I know that is actually good. And thank god for that no one needs more shitty stories of main asshole beating up another assholes, having women fall in love with him, and cultivating and training by sitting on his ass and letting his overwhelming “genius and luck” do everything for him. Although I do think there is one problem with the story is that everyone sounds the same. I don’t really know how to describe it but from ancient god emperor to 12 year old girl the way they all speak and think is the same, its kinda like they all have the same personality. Besides that I don’t really have any other complaints. One of the things I noticed is how the magic system is pretty interesting and well made. Its pretty simple in how it works but its still really damn flexible allowing for basically any fighting style. And its pretty obvious that Akasha’s second magic is rage or something like that. Actually I’m pretty sure every demon has that magic that is probably why they go berzerk and how they survive and grow so quickly because the rage produced blood qi and the reason Akasha barely produces any is because how much she suppresses her emotions also thats why she jumped up ranks into a 4th level god when she got pissed. Another thing I found interesting is that people are primarily mages and not warriors and while ranking up does make you a bit tougher its not a huge difference. If you want to become stronger and tougher you have to do it with magic while Akasha basically has a super tough body from an unique training method. I also thought the bait and switch you did on the 50th floor was really well done. The typical ancient master ghost staying with the young genius and guiding him to greatness but nope you can a creepy spider instead that likes to sleep in your eye socket. Although I am a bit confused on why she can’t regenerate her eyes or get rid of scars. I get its because of a time limit but I don’t really get why is it like she can only heal her body to a set condition and if she lets her body heal naturally that it will stay that way? Besides that I been enjoying the fast pace of the story nothing felt to rushed or to slow and the plot so far is pretty damn interesting, but I do wonder if you will end it at the home plane or move to the god realm later. I was wondering why Sanae let Gareth live at least it sounds like she did, but I after thinking about it for a bit I realized its probably because she is smart enough to know that if they kill him then they have to deal with his dad and while Gareth is basically no problem his dad is a whole another issue. Besides that I enjoyed the different perspective of people fighting Akasha and the reinforced message of just because she is the main character and had horrible things happened to her doesn’t mean she is doing the right things or is a good person I feel like that message is lost in so many different stories. So far I’m loving this story and I hope you keep it up the good work.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. It’s appreciated.

      >> Although I do think there is one problem with the story is that everyone sounds the same. I don’t really know how to describe it but from ancient god emperor to 12 year old girl the way they all speak and think is the same, its kinda like they all have the same personality.

      I know exactly what you mean, and I agree with you on this. It’s one of my weaknesses as a writer that I can’t give a distinct ‘voice’ to each of my characters. They have pretty different personalities (I think), but that fact isn’t reflected in the way they think and talk, the words they use, etc.
      I’m still trying to work out how to correct that.

      1. accents can be a great help with personality development in speech, or defining a set of “Favorite” phrases and words for different characters.

        As an example you could take your ancient mind/soul mage you could have given him a thing for speaking in metaphors/emotions rather than directly.

        Which combined with your main’s lack of emotional experience and reference frame could provide for some serious miss communication.

        Your ancient super duper spider god could communicate in abstract information where rather than clear speech you write out a graphical description.

        Yes both examples are a little extreme but they are there to illustrate the point.

        The major may aptly use military terminology due to the long time in a combat/military state.

  4. Absolutely fantastic story that I’ve been binge reading over the weekend, great suspense throughout it a bit graphic at times but I would definitely recommend nevertheless.

    1. Of course. It’s not even halfway done, yet.
      Unless something exceptional happens, I certainly intend to complete the story.

  5. Just want to give my compliments here, and say how much i love these two stories. First off, this is the first time I’ve ever followed two stories by the same author at the same time, and the first story that I’ve actually subscribed to. Second, I’ve read everything that’s out for both of them twice, and I only discovered them about 2 weeks ago. They aren’t perfect, but nothing is, and they’re close. I really, truly, appreciate you writing these, and I’m terrified that you’ll disappear like the author of TMTD or A Grey World. Keep up the amazing work!

    1. I read from Royal Road (The New Journey of an Old Soul) or fanfiction.net (Code Geass: The Prepared Rebellion, Seventh Horcrux). But I don’t actually expect much from the stories that aren’t already complete. Not necessarily because the quality is poor, though it sometimes is, but because I don’t trust the author to actually keep writing unti the end.

      I once read a lot of chinese, japanese, and korean web novels. I still do, but now I mostly skim through them because they bore me. I used to think they were the best thing since sliced bread, but upon reading them again later, I can’t help but look down upon my own tastes.
      I used to like Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei and Tales of Demons and Gods. I thought they were great when I first read them. Now, I think they’re both unreadable, cringeworthy garbage.
      Here are some titles I do recommend:
      Trafford’s Trading Club (chinese), She Professed Herself the Pupil of the Wiseman (japanese), Dungeon Defense (korean), Main Character Hides his Strength (korean), She Was Both Called God, as Well as Satan (japanese), The King’s Avatar (chinese), Youjo Senki (japanese).

      I read some published, western novels, too.
      I like Codex Alera and The Dresden Files. I like Ciaphas Cain and Takeshi Kovacs (and I do derive some amount of childish pride from the fact I liked the latter long before it became a TV show). I like Vlad Taltos and Skulduggery Pleasant.

        1. It does, look for ScribbleHub, the link is just above the list of new posts. In there, everything is an original work…

  6. Thanks for your story. Taint ended abruptly, but it was still enjoyable. Thanks for sharing this world you creater with us.

  7. Sucks that Liv dropped off the face of the world. I hope they experience a comfortable life after reincarnating.

  8. Should at least be aware that this site is up because the domain should still be charged. Otherwise, its disappointing that these novels were seemingly dropped, right at cliff hangers too.

  9. Just finished rereading trials, and I liked it just as much the second time. I hope the author will eventually find time to continue. No pressure though, writing like this should be done for fun 😉

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