If this is your first visit, you should head directly to the first chapter.

Or, if you’re more into anachronic narratives, you can just pick your chapters at random in the Table of Contents. (I’m kidding. Don’t do that. You won’t understand anything of the plot.)

I have a rhythm of roughly one chapter per week, usually on Saturdays or Sundays – since I have a day job, I can only really write at that time. I don’t guarantee the accuracy or regularity of that schedule – though I will do my best to keep to it – because I refuse to publish a chapter as long as I’m not satisfied with it. Which means that if I keep on writing shit, there won’t ever be any update.

Donations are very much appreciated and mean I’ll focus on writing instead of playing video games or watching movies or reading other people’s works.

Comments are also very much appreciated, both compliments and criticisms (try to make them constructive, though). So please, do tell me what you think I’m doing wrong, and do tell me what you think I’m doing right.

– Liv



  1. Yo, Your story is really good and your writing is better than most web novels i have read. You should post it on Royalroadl.com if you haven’t already as you can gain a ton more readers.

    Also while i like her being scarred after all she has been through, the one arm cliche in a fantasy world with all kinds of magic and alchemy is pissing me off even if she has an ice arm now.

    1. What one arm cliche? Never heard of that.
      And nowadays every novel is full of “cliches”, simply due to the mass of different works out there, also this world has some technological advancements already, like trains and guns. I for one love this stoty and I love a lot of other stories, too. And “cliches” like reincarnation or transmigration being “overused” doesn’t matter to me, the only important thing for me is if I think a novel is good or bad. If it’s bad, I don’t read it and if it’s good, I’ll continue reading and am thankful to the author for their work.

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