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I have a rhythm of roughly one chapter per week, usually on Saturdays or Sundays – since I have a day job, I can only really write at that time. I don’t guarantee the accuracy or regularity of that schedule – though I will do my best to keep to it – because I refuse to publish a chapter as long as I’m not satisfied with it. Which means that if I keep on writing shit, there won’t ever be any update.

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  1. Yo, Your story is really good and your writing is better than most web novels i have read. You should post it on Royalroadl.com if you haven’t already as you can gain a ton more readers.

    Also while i like her being scarred after all she has been through, the one arm cliche in a fantasy world with all kinds of magic and alchemy is pissing me off even if she has an ice arm now.

    1. What one arm cliche? Never heard of that.
      And nowadays every novel is full of “cliches”, simply due to the mass of different works out there, also this world has some technological advancements already, like trains and guns. I for one love this stoty and I love a lot of other stories, too. And “cliches” like reincarnation or transmigration being “overused” doesn’t matter to me, the only important thing for me is if I think a novel is good or bad. If it’s bad, I don’t read it and if it’s good, I’ll continue reading and am thankful to the author for their work.

  2. I love your story, and I find the human-yet-monstrous perspective of Akasha to be fascinating. One thing that’s bothered me, though, is that it’s very hard to get a mental picture of what exactly she’s supposed to look like. I don’t know about availability, etc., but would it be possible to get some sort of picture/drawing of her?

    1. Hmm, I’m shit at drawing things, but I can give you a rundown of her appearance as of Chapter 052. I’ll try to provide pictures (shamelessly stolen from the internet) to make it clearer.
      Everything follows the metric system (like in the story itself). If you speak in inches and feet, ask Google for a translation to your language. I’m too lazy to do it myself.

      Potential spoilers ahoy.

      – Name: Akasha (AK-A-13)
      – Species: ???
      – Sex: Female
      – Age: 291
      – Height: 129 cm (insists she’s at least 130)
      – Weight: 2,400 kg
      – BWH: 84/53/82

      – Very white skin, even whiter hair
      – White tail (fluffy, high-quality fur, beware of trappers)

      – White wolf ears on top of the head
      – Pointy ears on the side of the head (mostly hidden by her hair)
      – Straight black horn (like so (3rd column, 2nd row))
      – Fangs like these (except black)

      – Left eye like this (bottom) but with slit pupil
      – No right eye, but Sanae nests in the empty eye socket (in which case, the ‘eye’ is metallic black, with glowing red dots placed randomly)
      – Eyes shine brighter when she’s angry (difference angry/not angry)

      – Scars everywhere on her body (not the pretty kind)
      – Burn scars like these over the right side of her face

      – No left arm (creates and animates a replacement with ice magic, fingers often shaped like blades)
      – Right arm and both legs up to elbow/knees turning metallic black (gradually, like so)
      – Digits are long and skeletal with no nails (finger itself is pointy) (like this, but sharper and a bit shorter)

      – Blood is black
      – Entire skeleton is the same metallic black as her horn and natural limbs

      I may have forgotten some stuff, but there you go. Add all of this together, and that should give you an idea of what she looks like.
      That’s Akasha’s appearance at the current point in the story, though. In the past, she was a lot more human-looking.

    2. And here are Akasha’s stats at the start of the story and by Chapter 052!
      Don’t take this seriously, by the way. This is just for fun.

      Strength: 11 | Speed: 7 | Endurance: 3 | Vitality: 1 | Agility: 13
      Intelligence: 26 | Wisdom: 22 | Willpower: 19 | Magic: N/A
      Charisma: 13 | Luck: 8
      Sanity: 25 | Morality: 24
      Nerys! ♡: 78

      Strength: 858 | Speed: 931 | Endurance: 636 | Vitality: 989 | Agility: 904
      Intelligence: 75 | Wisdom: -22 | Willpower: 287 | Magic: 213
      Charisma: -144 | Luck: -274
      Sanity: -542 | Morality: N/A (morality, wuzzat?)
      Nerys! ♡: 999+

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