Table of Contents – Trials

Random Citizen A reincarnates into a very high-spec body but has to go through some trials, whose form and nature are unknown to her and will start upon her 24th birthday, to prove herself worthy of the opportunity to start a new life.


  1. What exactly does Trials have to do with Black Blood?
    Will demons be released into the world when the Trials begin? Or is it just the MCs black heart we’re talking about?

    1. Taint start september 2015
      Trials start march 2017
      Liv probably chose the name according to Taint…then just kept it as it is
      (PS: looked up the first chapters dates just to answer… 🙂

      1. I see… Well, here’s another question then:
        Is Nova a 100% completely original character made from scratch or did Liv also use other characters as a reference when making her like with Akasha?
        I don’t think I know any other characters who’s most redeeming feature is their memory…

  2. I spotted how many comments where here and felt their should be more, I also prefer trails to taint so thank you for the story.w

  3. Hello again. I remember really liking Taint despite that unfortunate misunderstanding about the intensity of sexual content present. (No hard feelings.)
    Could I ask a favor? Trials isn’t listed on Web Fiction Guide, so I don’t know if it has sexual content. Based on the quality of your other writing – and recommended reading material – I would quite like to try it, if I can. I’m mainly concerned with the intensity of any sexual content it contains, not the pervasiveness, so: Is anything described beyond maybe some passionate kissing?

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