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A little girl is kidnapped from her family by unknown assailants, is imprisoned into a gigantic, endless cave filled with ravenous monsters, is infected by the monsters’ poisonous blood, the Taint, and dies.
When she wakes up again, she’s not exactly the same, either physically or mentally.

Her only goals in life, now: get out of this cave, and reunite with her family.

Oh, and also: slaughter, in as painful a way as possible, anyone who was involved in her imprisonment, anyone who profited from it, and anyone who even remotely gets in the way (plus those people’s families, friends, acquaintances, business partners…)

Part 7: World War

Part 8: The Gods and The Demon

Part 9: Godrealm

Part 10: Adkins Family

Part 11: Ice

Part 12: Revenge

Part 13: Taint


The titles with no link behind them leading to actual chapters are provisional. I might change/remove/add some in this list at any time, without notice.


  1. This story was just recommended to me by DoctuerNS and it is amazing, I will now fervently follow for I have found true love

  2. Okay so I’ve been wondering how body enhancement works for regular cultivators. I’ve read this twice and must have missed it, but that second in command noticed it so they should be able to. I’m thinking for regular cultivators they have to turn it on and off, because otherwise hey could just constantly be doing it because they never lose their units of energy like the mc does, so mc should have an advantage because hers is cumulative, while heirs is limited to the max amount of ki they have and they can’t cast max ki spells at the same time as they are using it (even though with practice that could only be half a second of weakness) could you please clarify how it works.

    1. Oh by the way it makes his statement about how he recognized her as someone who practiced body enhancement for a long time weird, if it’s on and off for normal cultivators, because the only people who would have a qualitative enhancement to their body would be apostles and people aren’t very familiar with those. Unless of course normal refiners who practice body enhance just constantly activate it during their daily life, so they’re used to it when they are fighting?

      1. Body strengthening works the same way for everyone. Once you’ve strengthened your body, you don’t need to/can’t activate or deactivate it at will. It’s a permanent, cumulative enhancement.

        Which sounds all well and good, but there are a few prohibitive cons to it.

        Most notable is the efficiency. You need to expand a lot of qi for a lot of time to see the slightest improvement. It’s not all that much of a problem for normal people since they don’t actually consume their qi, but that doesn’t mean they can do it as much as they want either, because using your qi is quite tiring, mentally. You have to be wholly focused on what you want to achieve in order to use it, so you can’t keep it up as a background task while you just live your life. Another issue is that normal people need to refine more qi to grow stronger and break through to the next rank. But they can’t do that if they’re spending all their brain power on strengthening their body.

        The common sense in this world, then, is that, if you’ve got time to waste on such an inefficient thing as body strengthening, you should just refine more qi and learn more destructive spells. That’ll improve your strength more quickly.

        At least, that’s true for humans, who can learn new magic at will. For majin (non-humans), body strengthening is what you fall back to if you’ve been dealt a bad hand at birth and only have shitty magic at your disposal.

        Which is why body strengthening is pretty rarely seen. But an old hand like Shen Lei, with as much experience as he has, would definitely have met a few people like that over the course of his life and would be able to recognize the signs of one such on sight.

        (All this will probably come up in the story at some point, but it’s just exposition so I don’t think it counts as a spoiler.)

  3. I enjoyed the beginning greatly and hope for more been a while since I’ve read one that I enjoy so easily

  4. I stumbled upon your story randomly and i must say….
    It’s so feckin awesome goddamit i loved every single part of it !!

  5. So much wow! I’m impressed! Can’t wait for the completion of the story (if you get to that point).

    Just curious, but what did you use as inspiration before writing it? How did you come upon this idea?

    1. Kansutoppu!
      Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou
      Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?
      All the stuff on Wuxiaworld…

      There may be others I’m not thinking of right now. I’m not sure.
      You could probably get a good idea of my reading history by checking my character’s names, if you want a more exhaustive list. I’m absolute shit at coming up with names, so I just pick those I like from the stories I read and use them for myself.

  6. I just found this web novel yesterday and I can’t stop reading

    Love your story ! Amazing work, thank you for sharing your amazing story !

  7. So this story looks pretty awesome, but the Webfictionguide listing states there’s ‘graphic sexual content’. I didn’t notice that being mentioned in any of the reviews or anywhere else I’d expect it to be, so I’m hoping it’s incorrect. On the other hand, I didn’t notice a warning about the considerable violence that the premise implies. Can I get a clarification one way or the other? I don’t want to start this if I’ll have to drop it partway through.

      1. Had you forgotten Chapter S12? Turns out that it starts with a (not even particularly consensual) sex scene. Which was described in enough detail to cross the line for me. I really wish you’d mentioned it when I asked.

        1. No, I hadn’t forgotten S12.
          A few paragraphs worth of sex scene among more than a hundred chapters (as of this comment) does qualify as “very little”, I believe. It’s a shame you dislike those few paragraphs enough to drop the story, but I’m afraid I don’t intend to change or censor them.

    1. Please feel free to do whatever you want. I’m certainly okay with this.
      I even encourage it, but I won’t be participating by writing articles directly. Seeing wiki pages or tvtropes articles written by the work’s very author has always made me cringe, for some reason. Perhaps it just seems a bit too masturbatory or something. Or perhaps it just feels like I’d be trying to erase the weakness of my writing by sneaking in the wiki page details and explanations which, if I’d done my job properly, would have been present organically in the story itself.

  8. Hey Liv, don’t you think you’re kinda making the human race a little too superior here? The Majin are stuck with whatever runes they were born with, but humans can have whatever power they want to? That might be a bit much and it also explains why humans treat Majin as inferior lifeforms. Couldn’t you make them make up for it in another way? Like, for example: Humans can learn whatever rune they want, but once it’s there, they can’t change it, erase it, or learn any other runes of a similar nature to the ones they got; Majin are born with few runes and they can’t add any more, but they are able to upgrade their runes, making them more powerful than before. That way, while the humans are superior in quantity (of runes) Majin are superior in quality.
    This is just a selfish thought, so feel free to ignore it, if you don’t like it…

  9. Hey Liv, if Akasha’s fingers are elongated, due to them becoming claws, does that mean her toes are too?

  10. The current Akasha is literally poison for Nerys, isn’t she? This’ll make things kinda tough for them in the long run… I wonder if Nerys will ever use Akasha’s blood and Wayland’s pill to turn herself into a demon? This way, there’ll be no further trouble with Akasha’s lethal blood and it might even help Nerys use her high level spells, like those black holes, without her blood vessels bursting…(at least, if I’m correctly understanding your logic on the blood qi)

  11. Dropped some cash for pizza or something. Whatever’s going on, just know that we adore your story and will be patient.

    1. …we adore – yes
      ….but “will wait” was true a few months back….since then have reread 1.5 times…so at least give an indication when???

      1. Thank you very much.
        Though I’m not entirely comfortable taking your money, considering it’s been a while since I’ve released a chapter.

        1. Hey Liv I just started reading this story and a quick suggestion would be for you to put this on royalroad as it imo would be. A top 10 story on there. Then create a patreon so you can make money from this wonderful story. I hope you come back to update soon 🙂 or at least let everyone know you are still here and alive

    1. Hold your breath and count to ten
      Feel the earth move and then
      Hear my heart burst again
      For this is the end…….
      …..(re: skyfall)

  12. Journal Entry:
    2019 NOV 01
    writer still elusive ..
    website still ON ..
    highly suspicious ..
    further observation recommended

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