Oct 5, 2016


  • corrected typos
  • corrected capitalization


  • added a mention that the cave is clearly artificial


  • added a few bits of dialogue between Nerys and Akasha when they talk about their father


  • more detailed description of Akasha’s improved senses


  • Akasha talks to herself more (to make everyone enjoy her speech impediment)
  • changed ‘just feel the qi from the air’ to ‘use a breathing technique’


  • added a mention that Akasha finds drinking her own blood inexplicably disgusting
  • changed ‘magic words’ to ‘runes’ (because everybody knows the real magic word is ‘please’)


  • Akasha needs to try harder and longer before being able to cast her cooling spell
  • experiences backlash when failing a spell


  • not much effect from body strengthening after a month

S 001:

  • Sif flirts more with her jailor

S 002:

  • added a mention that asmodians are an uncommon species
  • poison doesn’t affect me → poison doesn’t affect asmodians


  • Akasha doesn’t recognize the symbols on the obelisk as ancient Eashiri anymore (no way for her to know that yet)


  • made Akasha a little bit more wordy with Phineas


  • reworked the description of the abilities gained when souls get stronger


  • changed Akasha’s thought processes on why she doesn’t help AW-A-74
  • changes her reason for killing AW-A-74 afterward

P 002:

  • expanded Phineas’s thoughts on blood-qi
  • added a mention of people trying and failing to find an antidote for the taint
  • made Akasha ask questions instead of just huge walls of text from Phineas
  • reworked questions and answers on Akasha’s family

W 001:

  • Wayland doesn’t overthink Akasha taking the cloak quite as much as before (that was just weird…)
  • added a mention of what Wayland saw Akasha do on floor 50


  • added mentions of Sanae in this chapter


  • Akasha mentions that she doesn’t recognize the stars of the Planar Prison

S 006:

  • removed some sentences that just didn’t make any sense (I must have been fucking drunk when I wrote this chapter)


  • Sif now reacts to Akasha owning a space ring


  • Sif gives more warnings to Akasha before letting her go explore on her own
  • Akasha has to use telekinesis to flip through the map book’s pages (because only one hand)


  • increased the effects of Akasha’s pressure on Shen Lei’s guards

Receiving Orders:

  • better explained how Shen Lei recognized Akasha’s body strengthening

S 008:

  • expanded Sif’s perverted antics
  • changed Akasha’s reaction to hearing about the frog


  • no more pain when soul gets injured


  • added a mention that deconstruction magic is inherently higher-leveled than Akasha’s ice
  • added a mention that Akasha would need to touch the center of Jodene’s spheres of destruction to be killed by them
  • reworked the explanation of Akasha’s resisting the heat of the lava
  • added Akasha’s view of her collateral damage on Jodene fortress

W 002:

  • added a few things about Gareth being an arrogant prick
  • reworded a few things about Jodene’s, Gareth’s, and Akasha’s power levels


  • Akasha can heal her meridians now (they were broken by the demon-sealing stone but the injury had mysteriously disappeared during the battle against Haris and Orsino, later on…)


  • reworked Akasha’s thought processes on the matter of taking revenge


  • changed Akasha’s reasoning why her house would be in human territory
  • Sif no longer is so shocked that Akasha is immortal, only doubtful (because she’s immortal, too, so why would she react so heavily?)


  • changed the description of the Thread a little bit (there is a way through, now, small though it may be)


  • Akasha’s space ring: only several cubic meters
  • more subjects of books she recovered from the Planar Prison

New Recruit:

  • more dialogue about Akasha attacking the fat man in the merc headquarters
  • Sirona mentioning that she’ll need to comfort the people after Akasha’s qi pressure


  • Sanae’s the one to open the door with telekinesis instead of Akasha

Midway Stop:

  • Finram thanks Akasha for answering his question (because politeness)


  • Akasha doesn’t know what a “wife” is


  • Meliand isn’t ready to fight anymore when Akasha goes to see the maids (her magic isn’t made for fighting)
  • Akasha feels the bloodthirst from the man she kills in the first-class hallway (because her killing him was just too random and not at all explained, before)

Assassination Attempt:

  • made it clearer that Fulmist breaking his cover is motivated by panic at his allies suddenly dying on the train’s roof


  • expanded Akasha’s thoughts on the tree


  • expanded Akasha’s thoughts on her memories


  • made the transition from sane!Akasha to ripandtear!Akasha a bit smoother and clearer

Haris and Orsino:

  • mentioned that Haris doesn’t like to use dirty tricks
  • Orsino claims that Haris always gets excited against strong opponents


  • mentioned that Akasha’s limbs don’t give off anymore smoke after calming down
  • her range falls back down to 200m (from 1km when berserk)


  • added a mention of the cherry tree and the petal from it that Akasha took earlier


  • added a mention that Gareth sent his sister Milla to majin territory
  • added a few more racist and derogatory speeches to Gareth’s thought processes
  • Orsino and Gareth talk about Sanae (because yeah, how the fuck did i ever forget that part…?)

Apr 9, 2017


  • rewording of certain parts to make them a bit clearer
  • corrections of typos
  • tried to lower the number of times I wrote the words ‘thick layer of ice’ in that part, which was frankly embarrassing


  • removing the comparison between the two majin guards’ strength and Haris’s strength


  • fixed the duration of the return trip (few days → 20 days)

G 004:

  • about the Godrealm, rampaging devils → rampaging demons (not devils)


  • Akasha’s soul force is roaming over Gareth’s shield (not her soul itself)

G 005:

  • clarified that gods favor the tactic of using wide area of effect magic because they most often fight huge godbeasts, up on the Godrealm, and only that can deal any noticeable damage to them (normal attacks are just like toothpick pricks to them)

W 004:

  • increased timeframe for going up a rank with the prototype generator

Oct 19, 2018


  • clarified the range of Akasha’s magic at the time: mid-2nd-rank god
  • corrected some typos

P 004 & 062:

  • added citizen reactions to the destruction of the demon-sealing stone


  • corrected the dates and ages for inconsistencies

G 009:

  • corrected typos
  • removed the mention of devils as a perversion of humanity’s perfect form, which is wrong (perversion of nature, instead)