I wake up, this time not only with a piercing headache but with such a dizzying array of aches and pains that I wish I could lose consciousness once more to escape from them.

But I know that if I do, I won’t wake up again.

I force my eyes open. Even that hurts.

I don’t dare to move anything else.

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I walk for several more hours.

Well, I’m more limping than walking…

Fortunately, I haven’t encountered any other demon. Neither have I seen any trace of my captors.

The corridor continues to shrink. By now, it’s so narrow that I have to inch along sideways, like a very slow, very clumsy crab. My chest rubs painfully against the wall in front of me with every step I take. Nerys always said that I should be happy to have such a figure at my age, but right now, I very much disagree.Continue reading


I wake up with a piercing headache, waves of pain crashing against my mind, then receding, only to come back again even stronger than before.

…Am I still alive?

I was sure those people were going to kill me.

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